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The Reference: Omega x Swatch • Mission to Jupiter

By Niclas Berglund

Bezl meets with PetitSamourai, an Instagram profile in the world of watches.

With his profound passion for timepieces and an enviable collection, PetitSamourai has risen as a key figure within the watch community. He not only acquires rare and highly sought-after watches but also holds an extensive knowledge of their history and mechanics. His insights and reviews garner widespread attention on social media, particularly on his Instagram.

We convene in central Geneva to delve into one of the missions from Omega x Swatch – specifically, MoonSwatch Mission to Jupiter.

Swatch, renowned for its innovative and accessible watch designs, stands as a prominent name in the global watch market. Known for its colorful and creative timepieces, Swatch is celebrated for merging art with functionality. Each model showcases Swatch’s commitment to playful design and affordability, making it a favorite among those who appreciate watches both as fashion statements and practical accessories.

PetitSamourai, what can you tell Bezl’s readers about this model?

– Don’t expect more from these watches than they can offer.

Orbit Jupiter every minute with Omega x Swatch galactically inspired timepiece.

PetitSamourai in central Geneva, showcasing his MoonSwatch “Mission to Jupiter“.

This is a unique collaboration between Swatch and Omega. What prompted this partnership?

– It’s a great marketing move! The whole world talked about it because of the incredible queues at the launch. Omega is already a brand well-known to the general public, but this collaboration certainly encouraged some to take a closer look at what the brand offers, particularly the Speedmaster. I wouldn’t describe this as a unique collaboration; on the contrary, due to the success of the first release, Swatch Group has introduced multiple versions of the MoonSwatch, and even collaborated with Blancpain, though that was much less successful. This runs the risk of perhaps tiring the clientele.

How significant has this collaboration been for both brands? And perhaps for the community as a whole?

– This collaboration obviously raises a lot of questions about the interest for Swatch Group to undertake such an operation and the risk of devaluing a brand like Omega by auto-copying its most emblematic model with a plastic watch. For the community, it at least had the merit of sparking many debates.

On Saturday, May 11th, Bezl will hold a raffle for the “Mission to Jupiter” model for our readers. How would you describe the wearing experience of this watch?

– Playful, fun, comfortable if you change the strap, and risk-free.

The Omega x Swatch “Mission to Jupiter” watch combines vibrant design with celestial dreams.

Take on the day with a piece of the universe, courtesy of Omega x Swatch “Mission to Jupiter”.

Considering your current collection, it’s fair to say that this model is priced at the lower end. How important is it for you to find joy in watches across different price categories?

– The pleasures derived from high horology pieces, rare vintage pieces, or luxury watches from prestigious brands are distinct from one another. Each category or segment elicits different motivations and satisfactions. Here, the pleasure is simple and immediate. It’s hassle-free consumption, resulting in a watch that is not only very pleasant to wear but also aesthetically impressive.

Many consider the MoonSwatch a good entry-level watch to begin their watch journey. Do you agree?

– Not really. In my eyes, MoonSwatches are disposable watches, not true examples of horology. They serve more as complementary pieces within a collection. There are many more intriguing ways to start collecting. For instance, you can find small mechanical vintage watches for almost the same price with a bit of searching. Additionally, exploring micro brands is also a great option. These often offer innovative designs and exceptional value, making them ideal for budding collectors.


Features chronograph functionality with subdials, resembling the Omega Speedmaster.

Each variant is named after a celestial body, including the popular “Mission to Jupiter,” “Mission to Mars,” and on the wrist “Mission to the Mercury.

In the photos, we see the “Mission to Jupiter” and “Mission to Mercury” models. Why did you choose to add these missions to your collection?

– I bought the Mission to Jupiter during a trip to Geneva with friends, for the Geneva Watch days. It is therefore associated with good memories. Several were available that day, and from the outset, I had identified this model as interesting for the color combination which I liked.
I bought the Mission to Mercury during a trip to Athens. It is also associated with very good memories. It’s more sober and discreet. The dial is very good with the “patinated” indices and a perfect balance between gray and black.

Constructed primarily from Bioceramic, a unique blend of ceramic and plastic. On PetitSamurais wrist – “Misson to Mercury”.

Make a universal statement with the “Mission to Jupiter,” where fashion meets the future.

The queues have been incredibly long for purchasing these watches at Swatch stores. What was your experience like when you bought yours?

– I don’t see myself queuing in Paris to buy one, but bringing them back as “travel souvenirs” when they are available, by chance, as I pass by a Swatch Store suits me perfectly.

Are you considering adding another Swatch to your collection?

– I find the Snoopys very nice, but I don’t think I’ll buy another for the time being. I already have two plus the Swatch Blancpain, that’s enough for the use I have for them. Even though it’s not expensive in today’s terms, it’s still quite a bit of money each time.

Finally, what are you wearing today?

– Another quartz watch, my Elegante 48 from F.P. Journe.

Thank you, PetitSamourai, for your time and for sharing your expertise on this model.

Swatch, in collaboration with Omega – Inspired by Omega’s iconic Speedmaster Moonwatch.


The collaboration between Swatch and Omega in the form of the MoonSwatch is a refreshing breeze in the watchmaking industry. This partnership reminds us that wearing watches should be enjoyable and that we should cherish them. With this collaboration, Omega and Swatch provide the opportunity for a wide audience to wear a piece of history on their wrists for a relatively small amount of money. The vibrant colors of these watches make a bold statement in the traditionally conservative watch community.

Although I have not been compelled to add any of the models to my own collection to such an extent that I felt the need to purchase one, I still think it is a fantastic collaboration. It’s a playful yet profound venture that brings together the high-end craftsmanship of Omega and the accessible, innovative approach of Swatch.

The MoonSwatch collection, with each watch named after a different celestial body, not only offers a fun and colorful aesthetic but also introduces the iconic design of the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch to those who might not otherwise engage with luxury timepieces. The use of Bioceramic material further highlights the innovative spirit of this collaboration, blending traditional watchmaking with modern materials.

In essence, the MoonSwatch isn’t just a watch; it’s a celebration of space exploration and horological history, made accessible to enthusiasts from all walks of life. The collection’s immediate popularity upon release, with long queues and sold-out models, underscores its impact and the public’s enthusiastic reception ⏱

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