Patek Philippe

Aquanaut Travel Time, Ref. 5164A (2015)



The mid-2010s heralded a new era in luxury sports watches, marked by the release of the Patek Philippe Aquanaut Travel Time Reference 5164A. This timepiece, as an innovative addition to Patek Philippe's esteemed Aquanaut collection, exemplifies the brand's mastery in combining functionality with luxury.
  • Read-Worthy Insights

    Esteemed among collectors, the now discontinued Aquanaut Travel Time 5164A has garnered attention for its sophisticated design and advanced features. Its dual time zone mechanism makes it a favorite for the global traveler, blending Patek Philippe’s horological expertise with practical usability.
    Crafted with a 40.8 mm stainless steel case, the watch strikes an ideal balance between robustness and elegance. The embossed black dial, featuring a unique globe design, offers an exquisite backdrop for the dual time display. The dial’s luminescent hands and numerals ensure legibility in all conditions, a hallmark of the Aquanaut series’ focus on utility and style.

    The watch’s standout feature is its dual time function, displayed through two hour hands and a day/night indicator for local and home time, making it an indispensable tool for world travelers. This functionality is powered by Patek Philippe’s in-house caliber 324 S C FUS, renowned for its precision and reliability.

    Completing the 5164A is its durable yet stylish “Tropical” composite strap, lending a sporty yet sophisticated look. This particular model comes as a full set, including its original box, papers, and a 2015 Certificate of Origin, securing its value as a collector’s item.

  • Under the Magnifying Glass

    Brand: Patek Philippe
    Model: Aquanaut Travel Time
    Reference: 5164A-001.
    Movement: Mechanical automatic Calibre 324 S C FUS
    Functions: Dual time zone, hours, minutes, central seconds, day/night indicator
    Features: Embossed black globe dial, luminescent hands and numerals
    Case: 40.8 mm Stainless Steel
    Crystal: Sapphire
    Strap: Two “Tropical” composite black strap, and also a green aftermarket strap.
    Year: 2015
    Box & Papers: Full set with original box, papers, and Certificate of Origin.

  • Condition

    This Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5164, crafted in 2015, presents itself in a remarkable state, showcasing the fine balance between luxury and practicality inherent in its design. The timepiece bears subtle signs of usage, reflecting a history of discerning wear. These light traces, most notably on the bezel ring, are minimal and do not undermine the watch’s sophisticated allure. Additionally, the clasp exhibits faint indications of use, yet these are superficial and do not compromise the overall integrity of the watch.
    The watch’s performance remains exceptional, with its timekeeping precision and functionality operating flawlessly. The 5164 model’s distinctive design elements and craftsmanship are evident throughout. The dial maintains its original clarity and depth, with each detail, from the indices to the hands, standing out crisply against the backdrop, epitomizing Patek Philippe’s commitment to excellence.
    While signs of wear are present, they are indicative of a timepiece that has been cherished and used as intended. Importantly, these minor cosmetic imperfections are readily addressable in a routine service by Patek Philippe, ensuring the watch can be restored to near-original condition. As it stands, this Aquanaut 5164 is a splendid representation of luxury watchmaking, blending impeccable function with an understated, yet distinct, aesthetic.

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