BelgianCollector’s Discreet Passion for AP Watches

By Niclas Berglund

Bezl Magazine

Collector’s Diary: Cartier Monopoussoir CPCP

Join Niclas Berglund, founder of Bezl and a passionate watch collector, for an insightful reflection on the Cartier Monopoussoir 2356 CPCP. Discover how this watch exemplifies Cartier's horological excellence. Explore its elegant design, rich heritage, and the balance that makes it a favorite among collectors. Hear about the serendipitous moment he first saw the watch.
By Niclas Berglund
July 11, 20246 min Read
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Rolex GMT-Master II Pepsi (2022)

Rolex GMT-Master II Pepsi Reference 126710BLRO, a timepiece that further solidified Rolex's reputation in the realm of high-end horology. As a noteworthy addition to the GMT-Master II collection, this model epitomized the brand's dedication to precision and sophistication.
RolexRolex GMT-Master II Pepsi (2022)20 600 €
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The Reference: Patek Philippe • 5004

In an exclusive Q&A session with Tony Kavak, a renowned watch enthusiast and collector from Stockholm, he will unveil the secrets and stories behind his impressive collection of the 5004.
By Niclas Berglund

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